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About Us

Naturally. Fair.

100% Plants: We at Valdemar are convinced that nature gives us everything we need. That is why we develop pure products for you made only from the finest herbal ingredients.

Less is more: In our products you will find exactly that - and only that - what is good for you. No additives, no frills. We love pure nature!

Science and tradition: Our recipes have been carefully researched and combine new scientific findings and the knowledge of traditional naturopathy.

Good products are created in a community

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Together, not alone: : Fair trade, humanity and togetherness. That’s what defines us. We work together, not against each other. Recognition and appreciation are the cornerstones of our everyday life.

Equal opportunities: WWe work closely with organizations for the disabled and manufacture the majority of our products there.


We're here for you

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We wouldn't be without you. We know this! Thank you for existing. We want to be there for you and look forward to feedback and questions.