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Rose Petal Leaves (Pure Varieties) 500ml


Red rose petals The beauty of the red rose, sign of love and romance. Deliciously fragrant petals, naturally lab-controlled food grade! Our edible flowers with their wonderful color, intense fragrance and aroma, for special creations: Whether edible decoration on cakes or sweet dishes, for use in homemade soap or potpourris, to refine cosmetics or bath additives… Your creativity knows no bounds! By the way: All of our flowers are packaged by volume to guarantee that you receive whole and undamaged flowers, and not heavy crumbs.
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All Valdemar-Manufaktur brand products are lovingly packed in handicapped life aid factories in Germany - fair handcraft made in Germany. That way, people with special needs in life support facilities have a good job and create valuable and beautiful products with high quality and special demands.

They are extra nicely designed in pretty gift-packaging and of course in resealable aroma-protection packaging. Our herbs are nice souvenirs and small thanks, our blossoms are popular as throwing-flowers for marriage proposals and for the flower-children at the wedding, or as a romantic gift for a wife or girlfriend.

Of course, all our premium herbs and dried flowers are edible and completely natural. We also offer many organic products from controlled organic cultivation and ALL of our branded products are vegan and fairly produced. Valdemar Manufaktur means pure premium-quality, valuable gift-sets and exquisite blends of loose herbal tea.

Our herbs are popular for delicious tea and as culinary-herbs as a spice with many good essential-oils, of course, additive-free and without artificial additives. Many plants are used as traditional natural remedies in phyto-therapy. Also as bath-tea for skin, body and feet, for inhaling or for flavoring gin and applied liqueurs with an organic taste - herbs contain many phytochemicals, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements.

Our eat-petals are often used for DIY projects to make beautiful soaps and bath-additives, for cooking and baking cakes and pies, as decoration, as a pretty flower salt, for flavoring and as a natural "food-coloring" for coloring tea - the abundance of fragrances is enchanting, also as potpourri, incense and fragrance sachets made from lavender-blossoms rose-blossoms, cornflower-blossoms and mallow-blossoms.

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Größe 17.5 × 3.99 × 7.01 mm


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